About Me

Ichit has been doing these shoots & photography successfully for last six years with a great passion which has given advantage to Models, Business Houses & Editorial teams of various media companies. Ichit Anand is a Passionate Celebrity & Fashion Photographer. He has rich experience in Makeover & Branding of Individuals and Business by his Photography to make it impactful for the audience. He has experience conducting more that 500 shoots on Brand and Business. He has also captured very special moments of Celebrities & Fashion models to elevate them as successful artist.

I am Ichit Anand, a professional Photographer with over 6 years of experience

For Ichit Photography is not a profession but an art, application, and practice of creating memorable images by recording it for a specific purpose. People come with an objective to become more impactful or to scale their business, they get what they seek. It is because of his deep understanding the elements of Personality, looks, appearance & Brand.